What Would Our Founding Fathers Say?

H. John Lyke



In What Would Our Founding Fathers Say?, author H. John Lyke provides an assessment of our predicament and exposes our current government institutions as lacking the fortitude and functionality to effectively manage the challenges our government faces, here, in the 21st century. Lyke offers political straight talk about today’s issues between the right and the left by looking through the eyes of the patriots who wrote the plans for our country.


This study examines the events leading up to the Revolutionary War to show why the democratic documents were written and establishes a reference point for the political system by studying, analyzing, and presenting our Founding Fathers and our founding documents as defenders of the idea that all men bear the right of fair and equitable representation. It also conveys the concept that the genius of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights is to be found in their living flexibility. Finally, it analyzes the present state of affairs in the halls of government, offering insightful, nonpartisan recommendations toward the cure of our current political and legislative dysfunction.


What Would Our Founding Fathers Say? presents a clear and impassioned plea for the nation to return to the basics by following the metaphorical track created by the Founding Fathers through the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.



Advance Praise/Endorsements for
What Would Our Founding Fathers Say?

July 12, 2012, Kathryn Robyn, iUniverse Editor:

John, it’s been a pleasure helping you prepare your treatise for production! I very much appreciate the kind words you left me in comments throughout, and I must say that I learned at least as much from you. Your topic and knowledge about our early Patriots (and I don’t mean the football team!) was a thrill for me to read, never mind as the editor; and to see my two cents incorporated into your thinking was most gratifying. Your openness to the editorial process was as brave as anything I have witnessed in this business.


Kathryn Robyn

Editor for iUniverse

August 11, 2012, iUniverse Editor’s Choice Award Editorial Board:

... You’ve done a good job as you finish the work needed on your book. It’s obvious that you were conscientious about addressing each of the comments put to you during the editing process.

Finally, I’m pleased to say that I have no qualms about recommending your book for status as an Editor’s Choice selection. Congratulations and best of luck in marketing what has been a fascinating project to review.


Editorial Board Consultant

August 24, 2012, Jan Ley, iUniverse Editorial Associate

Hello John,
Thank you for this reply. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. Your material is now with the production designers. They will make the changes you requested. You should have a response from Amy soon.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone. Perhaps we’ll find ourselves working together again on your next book about raising children! I congratulate you on this remarkable work and wish you much well-deserved success.

Best regards,
Jan Ley
Editorial Services Associate
iUniverse Editorial Department